Friday 20 April 2018 20:24


In several circumstances the need to access on remote time-varying log file leads to write some simple scripts.
These files generated by applications like syslog, http, news, etc. are often located on different machines.

System Administrator usually logon on remote system then type:
# tail -f filename

Tail Server offers the possibliy to map on Tcp/Ip port the output of "# tail -f filename"
without (each time) logging on remote systems.
Also offers output regular expressions filter in order to include or exclude strings.


Get software and check md5sum

File md5sum
Tail Server 0.1.0 e667f4cb7d4dfb68b2dd9f62a5017d24
Tail Server 0.1.1 304df27adce2b49c6a428c097d4c71b2
Tail Server 0.2.0 99686362992b8c8275dc7f997a41e1f7
Tail Server 0.2.1 4a8de58074aaf152cec1c584ebc4ff1f
Tail Server 0.2.1w 9cbec281cf89a5a4b2f77ffec625a13a
Tail Server 0.2.2 14716e898824a72deb90f53076c2fd2a

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